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Just Some Random Odds & Ends

It is 10:25 p.m. and Nicholas is finally asleep. Hopefully he is out for the night. I am sitting here watching the Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular on ON DEMAND (comcast) ->WOW! How do these women do it? I'd fall over. I would so love to see this live. It's amazing! The toy soliders are on right now. This is definitely something I will have to take Nicholas to see when he is a little older.

This is what it looked like this morning out my front door:

My icey tree. 1 inch of ice fell and then a slight dusting of snow. My street looked like an ice rink. CRAZY! I waited until everything was plowed and finally went out to run a few errands about 2:30 p.m. Target was crowded! So glad my christmas shopping is done.

Snow is expected and in the forecast for tonight, tomorrow afternoon and also Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I WOULD SO LOVE A WHITE CHRISTMAS!
UM, what is this about?
I was making dinner tonight while Nicholas watched his favorite show - Wow Wow Wubbzy. He was laying on his little couch. I look over and this is what I see. I, of course grabbed my camera and ran over there and took some pictures. And he started laughing when I said EWWW, Nicholas stinky toes, no no.
I really want to scrap but I feel idea-less. I need to get organized and I am a little tired right now but hopefully tomorrow I will start scrapping. My goal is to do a little bit of scrappy each day of my vacation and since I don't go back until January 5th, I hope I will get quite a few layouts done!
Well that's it for now. Tomorrow I should be back with a brand new layout (hopefully if all goes well).

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jan farnworth said...
more then likely you need to have something steady to put your photo on and some sort of timer thing set. i am not the best at pictures either tryed to get christmas parade photos what a nightmare good luck.
December 12, 2008 12:35 PM

Jan please email me at with your address and I will get your RAK out to you this week.

Thanks for all the advice! I attempted the photos last night and tonight with no success. Mostly because I couldn't get Nicholas to look at me. He wanted to look everywhere else, pull on the ornaments and bows on the packages, etc. I will try again tomorrow. I just need one semi-decent picture.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent my shopping and am happy to say I am almost done! Whew! It is a relief to know I only have a few small things left to get.

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1 week and 1 day - the Coutdown begins AND A RAK!

I have ONE week and ONE day left of work before I am on vacation for the rest of the year! I cannot believe Christmas is almost here and with it the end of the year. Where has the time gone? 2 whole (although busy) weeks to spend with my family at home. Enjoying the season, baking cookies, getting the house ready for the holidays. I can't wait. I can't wait to pull out my scrapping supplies and get every memory down on paper for my gorgeous son who is growing so quickly. It makes me sad. 16 months old, almost 29 lbs (yes you read that right). Talking, walking, running, just constantly on the go.

This was him last year at this time:

And since we haven't gotten many pictures by the tree because he has been so sick and crabby here is the best I can do so far this year.

I can't believe how much he has grown in a year and everything he has learned.

Okay so this weekend I will be taking pictures in front of our christmas tree with my son and step daughter for our christmas cards. All the pictures I took last weekend with my flash off to get a good picture of the tree in it's full nighttime glory came out with different colored squiggly lines all over. ETA: I should add that I have an SLR (nikon D40).

So please leave me a comment with some advice. What is the best way to take a nice christmas tree photo in the evening so that my christmas cards will be pretty. No squiggly lines!!! Here is what I am talking about.

See that's just bad!

In exchange for your advice I will pick a winner on Sunday morning from my comments by and send them a cute little rak. The rak will include a little UNITY love!
Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Have you heard?

My favorite Stamp company is having a Scrapbook Design Team call! YIPPEEE! Check out the details: Unity Stamp Company.

I realized I haven't posted in quite awhile. Life has been busy lately. That and the fact that I have not been getting much sleep. Nicholas (16 months) wakes up 3 or 4 times a night now. I can't figure out why. Sometimes when he wakes up, he stays up for an hour or more. Anyone have any advice? I could definitely use it. I've tried just about everything!

I haven't updated the blog with any new scrappy projects lately. So here we go:
How cute is she. My little niece Sara. Love her to bits.

My little man. I DO MY OWN STUNTS BABY! is from a Zany Zinnia kit. And 1st Swim I believe is from a past ScrapRoom kit (not the best pictures - but it's 10:40 p.m. right now!)

How adorable am I? This is some crate paper. Loved this line!

And here is the most recent layout that I just did for the Unity Wednesday Addict Challenge. YOu can find the info on the SCS forums. I am so in love with this little deer from the Unity November kit of the month. Did you see the December kit? I can't wait to see it in person! Everything else on the layout is from the Studio Calico Looking Glass kit. Again not the best pictures but they will have to do for now.
Well I am off to LALA land now for at least an hour before Nicholas wakes up for the 1st of what I am sure will be numerous times tonight. Goodnight!

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Not so happy Hip Hop Hangover

I fully intended to have a great post ready for HHH! Took the pictures of my layout. Went to go upload them to the blog and my internet connection died. Haven't been able to connect since. I am at work now so hopefully by the time I get home tonight it will be back up and running. Check back later for the post and photos. Hope everyone had a fun hip hop thursday!

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Did you hip hop yesterday? Don't know what Hip Hop is? Go here. Yesterday was only my 3rd hip hop but I am totally and completely addicted. Not only to Hip Hop but to Unity in general and all the great ladies on the message boards. Not familiar with Unity? Go here.

Here is my first Unity project. I'm not much of a card maker but at least I attempted! I love this stamp. It is HUGE!

I am home from work today to take my little DRAGON trick or treating. Hopefully I will get in some good scrappy time while he naps. I plan on putting some of my other unity stamps to work.

I am excited about this. November's kit of the month! Can't wait to get my hands on these. They look HUGE!

Well the monster that is my son is now tearing up my family room so I must go and try to put him down to sleep and hopefully get some time to myself that isn't cleaning or laundry related! I hope to be back later today with some new creations.
I am also considering opening my own etsy store! More on that later.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall is FUN!

I love fall. It's one of my favorite seasons. With Christmas being my favorite time of year. I love the colors the change in season brings. The apples, pumpkins, hayrides, etc. We went apple and pumpkin picking this weekend. My family has been doing this for years (since my sister and I were young). We go to the same place - Oriole Springs - every year. I so look forward to the first weekend of October for this reason. We pick pumpkins (and if we are not there when the place opens - we have to listen to my father tell us all the good pumpkins will be gone); we pick apples, we stop at the Smoke House and get fresh ham, bacon, string cheese and carmels (my fave)! This year since we had Nicholas with us we stopped at the petting zoo. He had a blast. He was running through the apples trees holding an apple above his head yelling "bawl bawl (ball)." It was a lot of fun and a great fall day. Not to cool, lots of sun, no rain!

Here are a couple of pictures.

It was a long weekend. I didn't scrap any layouts but I did use the WIP Project kit to do a Halloween Banner. I will try to take pictures of it later. I also bought some jars at Target, an easel at Dollar Tree and some bins at the Dollar Tree, to try to get my stash organized. I have a huge jar that holds all my flowers now. It is so pretty! It makes me happy.

Hopefully I will get in some scrapping time this week. Maybe tonight. DH will be watching Game 4 of the White Sox v. Tampa Bay series. GO SOX!

I hope everyone can get out and enjoy the great fall weather. Happy Fall!

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Is messy business. All the drool, the runny nose, the bright red cheeks. Not to mention the LACK OF SLEEP. Not for him, no of course not, he can sleep while I am driving in the car, struggling to keep my eyes open or while I am at work. Last night was horrible. Nicholas is getting those big side molars on top. He's been a fussy mess all weekend. And of course chooses Sunday night to NOT sleep. In bed at 9:00, up at 10:00, up at 12:00 back to sleep at 12:45, up at 4:00 FOR THE DAY! Yep 4:00 a.m. - 3 1/2 hours of sleep for me. I have been living on caffeine and sugar just to try to be a normal person today. Not working very well. But alas it is almost 5:00, I get to commute the hour home where a nice big crock pot of warm beef stew is waiting for me. All I am looking forward to tonight is my stew, some warm bread and butter and a nice long hot steamy [get your minds out of the gutter!] shower. Then I will HOPEFULLY have a much better night and actually get some sleep.

No scrapping for me tonight. Somewhat depressed about that. I did get a layout done last night and will hopefully post pictures tomorrow.

Hope all of you have a great evening!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update from last night....

Sleep or Scrap??????? Well I really wanted to scrap. Turned the TV on to watch the news. Got some stuff out, put it on the bed. Then the weather came on and I thought oh I'll just sit down for a second and watch the weather before I start scrapping................................

Can you see where I am going with this?

Picture me, propped up on some pillows that are up against the headboard, my legs are kind of hanging off the bed, I have scrapping stuff scattered all over the bed, the TV is on, the lights are on and I AM PASSED OUT!

That is how my husband found me last night :) So no scrapping for me! Maybe tonight I will try again.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's 10:00 p.m. here....I should be sleeping

But here I am! I just realized it's been a while since I updated everyone on the wonderful life of me. I know I know you are all sitting on the edge of your chair anxiously awaiting my monthly update of my really exciting life.

So....Fall Survival should be starting up soon. I am anxiously awaiting my kit. I am really going to try hard this time to use up the ENTIRE kit. Yes I know that is crazy talk considering it is such a ginormous kit and I pretty much have scrapping ADD.

I am trying to go outside of my comfort zone lately and have been surfing blogs and two peas for inspiration.

Isn't she a doll! My little niece Sara. So this layout has been giving me problems all week. First off nothing wants to stick. Doesn't matter how much adhesive I have used or the fact that I have used two different kinds, just refuses to stick! I used the new ribbon technique I picked up at Got Sketch 2 and since I don't have a sewing machine I hand stitched it and of course stuck my finger about 5 times. Funny story with this layout. I usually scrap upstairs in my bedroom and decided on Saturday morning to take it downstairs to finish stitching the ribbon while Nicholas sat in his high chair eating breakfast. A while later I realized the "R" in "Party" was missing. I searched and searched for it and it didn't turn up. Of course there were only 3 "R's" on the sheet of Thickers so I had to take take a different letter and turn it into an "R". Where do you think the lost R finally showed up?

In my dryer! Yep, it was washed and dried! Don't know how that happened my layout was nowhere near my laundry.

I finally broke into my Studio Calico "Iconic" kit. Here is my layout. Although not the most flattering pictures of me I love them because of the look on Nicholas' face. He is just too cute, sometimes its hard to believe he's mine.

I can't wait for the big reveal of October's kit on Saturday night. All the sneaks look awesome. I hope I can stay up till 12:00 (well 11:00 p.m. here).

Have you seen A Kiss on the Chic yet? I have been stalking these kits for the last few months and they are always awesome! I took the plunge and tried out for the DT. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me because I would really love to be a part of this team.

So Nicholas is sleeping. Hubby is down the street watching the White Sox game at his brother's and I have some peace and quiet. It's 10:05 p.m. Do I go to sleep or scrap????? Who needs sleep right?

Have a great night everyone.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


On the way home from work Tuesday, this is what we saw:
It was actually very bright and you could see the red, green, yellow, green, blue and purple clearly. This is a photo shot out on my patio once I got home. It was so cool that the rainbow was actually over our house.

Here are three more Summer Survival layouts. It is time for Stashbuster now! Fall Survival is expected to start the beginning of October and I am so excited!

Well I am off to scrap my first Stashbuster challenge which is to use as many journaling cards on one layout as possible!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thank Goodness for LOOONG Weekends!

I am so happy whenever a long weekend rolls around. We are not going anywhere this weekend. Just going to be a quiet weekend at home and I love it! That means every free moment I have I can devote to scrapping. Nap times, bed times, early mornings. I did two layouts last night for Homegrown Summer Survival:

I have also signed up for Got Sketch 102 and can't wait to play! Stashbuster will start next week at Homegrown Scrapbooks in anticipation for Fall Survival - which of course I can't wait for. I am anxiously awaiting my September kits from Studio Calico and Scarlet Lime.

Here is a card I did with Studio Calico's August kit:

Nicholas is being his usual crazy self.......learning so many new things each day. He's ready to be a basketball star!

He already knows how to slam dunk!

I took my camera with me to work last week and walked around on lunch and took a ton of pictures. Here are a few of my favorites...

This is the soon to be finished Trump Tower!

I think that is it for now and will update later today with more layouts!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am hoping to get even more done today..........

I happen to be very proud of this Summer Survival layout: because i did all the stitchng by hand - by myself :) I love the way it turned out. I love this October Afternoon papers too!

Summer Survival Layout: There is no greater bond than that of a Mother & Daughter!

A close up of all the yummy prettiness.
NO LAUGHING! Yes this is me, I was probably about 11 or 12. I need to add journaling but this is yet another Summer Survival Layout. I can't wait until fall! I am loving this program.

Studio Calico August Confections kit: Shopping for the Perfect Dress. My wedding was butterfly themed so what better layout for the wedding dresses I tried on than .... Butterflies! I adore this kit :)

Okay I think I am up to date now with all the layouts I have done so far. I hope to be adding more soon. I need clean the house, do some laundry and wait for Nicholas to take a nap and then I plan on scrapping!

I feel like I'm on a roll!!!!!!!!!!

I've been scrapping alot more than usual lately and it feels so good! I think it has to do with participating in the Summer Survival Program over at Homegrown Scrapbooks, wanting to participate in challenge blogs and my desire to be on a DT. Plus I have tons of picture stacked up that need scrapping.

ZZ kit: Unconditional love (my grandparents with my son - their one and only great grandchild and their pride and joy).

This is a Summer Survival Layout: You have the most beautiful big brown eyes (this has to be my favorite pic of my son to date)

Another Summer Survival Layout: Sunkissed Baby (my beautiful niece)

I am not sure what kit this was from: Oh so Sweet (my stepdaughter when she was younger)

A card using the Bad Girls July kit.

This was using a Limited Edition Easter kit from A Million Memories: Easter page 1 (my stepdaughter)

Easter page 2:

A close up of all the prettiness!
I will be back later with more! Just have to take some picture and crop but Little Mister is getting hungry so I must tend to him first :)